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Applaws Premium Food

At Applaws, making pet food matters, that’s why we pride ourselves on creating cat and dog foods that are 100% natural.
We are passionate about what we do and we have a strict set of values that we guarantee we’ll stick to when we’re developing our food:
We will never create fancy packaging with images of ingredients that blatantly don’t represent anything that is inside.
Use animal derivatives, fillers or gratuitous sweeteners or flavourings
Use cheap and unnecessary additives such as cereal or grains to fill out our dry food
Use misleading descriptions to hide the truth about the contents of our products - if it says Chicken and Rice, Chicken
will be the main ingredient - simple
We promise to only use the finest cuts of breast meat or fish fillet
Only use the highest level and quality of meat protein
Only ever use the ingredients listed, nothing more, and nothing hidden
Only ever be true to our word
The images that we use on our packaging are pictures of the food inside, not created on a computer and or retouched to make them look delicious.
Applaws only sources its ingredients from natural and sustainable resources. We won't scrimp and we won’t settle for anything but the best.
If the quality is this good, why hide it?