Frozzys - Mail Order Now Available - The new lactose free lickable frozen yogurt for dogs, rich in vitamins, minerals & fibre. It's the healthy everyday complimentary food for good doggies. Made in the UK from all natural ingredients. Mail Order Available....

We are Ready For Mail Order:
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To get the best value for money we are limiting the mail order deliveries to 2 x Packs of Frozzys Frozen Yogurts (8 x 85g Pots) OR 4 x Packs (16 x 85g pots) per parcel. choose from ALL 4 flavours or a combination of flavours. Delivery by Royal Mail Next Day Delivery Service. See Term & Conditions. 

Highly Palatable
Can be licked straight from the tub
Lactose free - easy to digest
Contains real fruit
Can also be defrosted & poured onto kibble to entice fussy eaters.
Rich in calcium for strong teeth & bones
Low in calories so also suitable for dieting dogs
Rich in fibre to aid digestion
Provides a calming effect
Rich in essential vitamins & minerals for overall wellbeing