Pet Truck's exclusive Cat & Dog food reflects our values on providing Premium & Super Premium products to every customer, they contain No additives, No animal derivatives and are hypoallergenic (contains NO wheat & wheat gluten) therefore suitable for Dogs and Cats with sensitivities towards these common ingredients. The Pet Truck Ltd's brand is made in the most advanced and environmentally sustainable pet food manufacturing facility which produces some of the world's finest pet foods.
To stay healthy, active and happy Dogs & Cats, like humans, need a balanced diet containing a wide range of nutrients, made easily available in a balanced tasty pet food.
The type of protein, its source and digestibility are very important for your pets health, Meat is the best source of protein for Dogs & Cats with a balanced of amino acids from animals and plants for ideal performance.
Oil & Fats:
Oils and Fats are needed in the diet to provide essential fatty acids (including Omega3 and Omega 6).They are involved in many aspects of health including SKIN & COAT condition as well as brain development and eye health.
Carbohydrates are a good source of energy in pet food, consisting of easily digestible starches and more complex carbohydrates such as cellulose (fibre) Potato,rice and peas are all good sources, encouraging lower feed requirements and smaller, firmer stools. 
Vitamins & Minerals:
These are essential for the long term health of your pet. Vitamins are necessary for many of the body's processes and they can act as antioxidants which help[ prevent aging. Minerals are required for healthy BONES, SKIN and overall cell function.

Range Available:
Dog - Super Premium                                                       Cat - Super Premium     
Puppy - Chicken (30%)                                                    Kitten - Chicken (38%)
Adult  - Turkey - Lamb - Chicken - Salmon & Potato            Adult - Salmon - Chicken - Duck
              26%   -  26%  -   26%     -    36.5%                                26%   -   38%   -  31%
Dog - Naturals Premium   (Includes 4% Freshly prepared Meat)
Puppy - Turkey (38%)
Adult  - Turkey (30%)- Lamb (34%) - White Fish (26%)
Senior/Light - Turkey (26%)


Samples available on request....

                                        Made in Great Britain