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Premium Cat Food - Moist Tins

What is proper food for pets ?
Wholesome, healthy, natural and organic food for cats.
This is what we make.
Together with our farmers and producers we harvest and use the best ingredients we can buy to create the most healthy pet foods available anywhere.
For example, the deboned meat and fish we use in our tins is freshly delivered to our kitchen every day for us to make our food from – you can’t get any fresher than this. We then fill our tins with raw ingredients and then gently sterilize (i.e. cook) to maintain the nutritional integrity of the ingredients.
Health you can see
* Your cat may look healthy and shiny on our food, but it's not just about a beautiful coat... our customers tell us over and over again that trips to the vet have fallen dramatically since switching their pet onto our food.
* Our food is carefully formulated and prepared to provide a super healthy balance of pure, natural nutrition. 
* We never add in extra fat just to make up the ingredients (fat is cheap, which is why it is often added to other cat foods to bulk it out), so you can be assured that your cat will maintain their optimal weight on our food*. We don’t use meat meals like many other pet food companies (you’ll recognize this on other pet food labels as ‘dried chicken’), or indigestible fillers such as pomace (parts of fruit and veg like pips, skin and stalks). We don’t use any artificial preservatives, flavourings, sweeteners or colourings.
You are what you eat after all and the same is true for our pets!
We all know the foundation of good health is good food. Good food means - a healthy coat, good immunity and....no more wind!
Read the label
It’s really important to read the label on the food you are feeding so you know if the food you are buying is appropriate for your pet. Here are a few things to look out for:
Fat level : Dry cat food often have very high levels of fat. Always check the fat level as a diet high in fat will mean your cat will put on weight quickly but still feel hungry, so you end up in a vicious cycle of feeding more but not satisfying them.
Ash level: This is your indicator of how much indigestible bonemeal is in the food you’re buying: the lower the level of Ash, the better the quality of ingredients.
Protein level: You would think that the higher the protein level, the better…..but it’s all about how digestible the protein is. If grated leather shoes were put into pet food then it would show a high level of protein too...but the protein would not be digestible! Indigestible (low quality) protein is often the reason dogs get windy.