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Walter Harrison Wild Bird Products

Our Products

Variety Attractors - A comprehensive range of unique mixtures and wholesome single foods for year-round feeding, all of which appeal to the taste buds of the widest range of feeder or table feeding garden birds. If you’re looking for variety of colour, song and habit in your garden visitors these tempting foods should be at the top of your list.

Species Attractors - We all have particular favourite species, and what garden is complete without the robin, thrush, wren, sweet-singing blackbird or the brilliant goldfinch? But all have specific dietary needs that must be catered for if we are to enjoy their company. Which is why we have formulated these high quality mixtures and specialist whole foods for year-round feeding.

Quality Accessories - Designed to withstand all that the British climate can offer, the Garden Friends range of quality feeders and accessories are robustly manufactured in a range of popular traditional designs using only the finest weather resistant materials.